Our Cream

  • Totaly preservatives free
  • Traditional family recipe
  • Oil Based
  • Fast skin hydration & Regeneretion
  • Contains Antixidants like:
    Vitamin E
  • Contains active ingredients like:
    Vitamin K

This cream is a traditional family recipe, which was used previously for the regeneration of irritated skin. Based on secret of longevity, the oil is the perfect cream for hydration, regeneration and anti-aging skin.

since the time of Hippocrates, the oil renowned for its many healing properties, particulary in skin diseases. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants like vitamine E and polyplenols and chlorophyll (especially extra virgin olive oil contained in this cream).

It also contains other important active ingredients such as high levels of vitamine K and minerals such as sodium and potassium are beneficial to the skin and iron. The oil provides benefit in many ways since the skin protects against dryness thereby improving texture and grace to have antioxidant polyphenols and vitamine E also protects from premature aging. The cream in your hands is different from the usual anti-wrinkle creams on the market because of 100% natural establishment

It contains no preservatives or other chemical ingredients of origin, as composed of organic olive oil and beeswax, which themselves have a long life.

How to use: Apply to the face with gentle movements until completely absorbed. Is edeal to use mainly in the evening to stay in the face during the night and help regeneration.


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